A plucky little web comic about three aliens with a job to do that's slowly but surely driving them insane. A loving parody of UFO/abduction culture featuring our little Zeta Retuculan gray heroes tackling their assignment to Earth, with piles of issues, and about as much common sense as a bucket of rock salt. Think The Three Stooges as aliens and there you go, EBEJEEBIES... sorta. 

     Originally an in-joke on Christmas cards I began in 1990 they eventually came into their own as an anime film comic-type... thing that ran on Coast to Coast AM.com. Only five full episodes were produced, along with a Christmas special, before an intense time of work on animated TV pitches (not Vulne Pro I.P.s) halted the strip indefinitely. We hope to continue their adventures again so don't be surprised if these little gray goofs return at some point in the future.  For now, all the completed strips can be found on Vulne Pro's EBEJEEBIES Deviant gallery.

EBEJEEBIES Episode 1: A Shining Planet Called Earth