Creating new worlds alive with vibrant strangeness, unique visual aesthetics, and the illusion of history. Giving fictional characters fascinating places to call home. Designing mechanical works with an understanding when convention is necessary and when it isn’t. This is the central online hub of Vulne Pro, a small development studio focusing on creative properties for television animation, web, and print media.  

     For the last several years vulne pro's most prolific work on the web has been Theos KE Polemos and it's garnered a dedicated, and growing, following on Deviant art. We plan to continue to grow the interest in Theos and are grateful for the enthusiastic support so far. Though we're known for TKP and our original mecha (FOIL) concepts vulne pro is capable of so much more so sit back and enjoy the ride.  Words of a different perspective from the little studio that could, does... and will.

Inquiries about our works or the capabilities of our studio?
Contact us: vulnepro at gmail dot com