Sunday, September 28, 2014

Summer a blur... Fall of the post-ening-a-ning...

Well, that didn't quite go as planned.

  Clearly my intent to return to posting in a reasonable fashion after the last journal entry didn't materialize... it's been quite an exhausting summer. There's no need to go into detail beyond my Father is doing well but otherwise still has memory/dementia issues that can be rather time consuming depending. Unfortunately and most sadly, there was additionally the passing of my Aunt (on my Mom's side) in July which really has consumed much of what remained of summer. Since her passing I have been helping my Mom sort out her estate so that has taken quite a lot of time and is still ongoing. As I noted in the previous post, family first when your faced with things like this, the art and work will always be there if, and when, I want it to later. All said things are going as well as can be expected. Now with a modicum of calm beginning to settle in it's time I can finally get some of that work that's been backing up posted.

How it this will go will be pretty simple; stuff will drop when it drops but expect stuff to show up for sure, there's actually a lot considering how chaotic the last couple years have been (I just have to sort though all of it). I did manage to work when I could make the time because it's always relaxing to just sit down and do what I love to do; create stuff. The Theos project isn't dead, it just had a little break, new work will materialize as I can get to it and all along with blog posts, etc. I did say new stuff would be coming this year it just ended up a bit later than planned. In fact, head over to our Deviant art gallery for some new stuffs of the day, like now and stuff (stuff example below).



Via Kali said...

I'm sorry about your aunt. It's nice to know your father and mother are doing well, considering. They are fortunate to have you around to assist them so much! I'm looking forward to more posts and artwork as they come. All in good time; all in the right time...

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