Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thundercats ho!

Between punching polarbears and fending off the yeti here in the southern regions of the norselands, I drew some stuff for WB’s new Thundercats show.

Here’s my concept art for the lizardman mecha that appears in the series. The show version ended up quite a bit chunkier though, as you can see.

I’ll try to post some more stuff as they pop up in the series.

- Karl (genocidalpenguin)


Newton Ewell said...

I had planned to leave you a note on dA, but I'm glad I waited...

It's obvious that the lizard-man mecha are YOURS, even with the obvious modifications on your design. I'm watching Thundercats with a second pair of eyes - one for just watching the show, the other for looking out for your mecha designs! It's a thrill to see a buddy's work on TV!

aneamo [Vulne Pro] said...

Hey there Newton, glad to see you drop in here (and by all means feel free to comment here anytime the blog will be picking up more and more). I assume you know it was Karl (genocidalpenguin) that worked on the show? He tried to pull me in to help out but Warner Brothers had a tight budget on the thing that only allowed for him on contract.

Karl designed a lot more than he posted here so I hope he gets around to posting more (blogging not his thing LOL). I just added his sig to his post in case anyone was confused who posted it.

Aye it's pretty cool seeing a buddy's work on that show, cool for me too. I'm glad he got that gig :)


aneamo [Vulne Pro] said...


any post by aneamo [VulnePro] is Mike majestic (Me)

Nidaram, of course, is Nick Maradin

GP, is Karl Östlund(genocidalpenguin)

and Hatrax is Jeff Lilly

Forgot to add that

Mike <<*>>

recognizer said...

Beautiful! I like your design, and the slightly more lizardy redesign the animation studio used. Please post anything else from Thundercats that WB will allow you to publicly disclose ;D

John Bear Ross said...

I just saw the episode tonight. My first thought was, "hey, that looks like GenocidalPenguin's stuff!"
A quick Google, and here you are. Great design.
John Bear Ross