Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Art Happenings

Here's a new piece, simple titled "Red Head Taedus." Long, extending limbs give it incredible reach with pole arms, and the segmented joint construction makes each arm a giant spear-thrower.

The markings were inspired by Zulu symbols. I wanted a "tribal chief" look for this one. Elegant and powerful (and a little mysterious).

I have also been fortunate enough to be included in UDON Entertainment's MEGA MAN Tribute artbook, which will be released this summer:

All of the pieces I've seen so far are fantastic and it's an honor to be in such good company. I've be lying if I said I wasn't completely excited about this. However, I've chosen to wait until the book is released to post up my full submission, but I did make a little WIP teaser image awhile back:

I chose to do Tenguman because I'm a big fan of the MM8 and Mega Man & Bass designs.


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