Friday, May 06, 2011

Odd Google Chrome malware warning for

Just about 45 minutes, or so ago, I got a malware warning for the Vulne Pro site. I checked the FTP and did see something that might have been recent activity last month (I haven't uploaded in some time) but it didn't look suspicious. Of course I called my host and they checked over the site as well, apparently finding nothing there. The site isn't showing the warning now so it was likely just a false positive.

This incident allows me to note that we'll soon be deleting the site anyway and migrating the domain name to this blog. So, eventually, this will be


Chris said...

The host changing won't make you guys lose any content though...Right?

Vulnepro said...

Nope, the content and blog would remain as it is, just the URL would change and the blogger URL would point back to it anyway. If we suss this out we will be deleting the old site and just moving the URL here but the content there is so out of date it won't matter anyway. Everything we're up to will be posted here.

The only problems, right now, is Hostway (the host) has a rather convoluted set up for editing DNS information so it's not as simple as most other providers to migrate the domain name. Whatever the solution will be we don't plan to lose any content here ;) Either the change will happen or the blog will simply retain the blogger URL. Either way the content will remain.