Saturday, May 21, 2011

New post surgery update regarding my Father...

It looks like this may be one of the last updates regarding my Father's surgery and recovery for awhile.

Firstly, he's doing really well overall. The bad news, if you want to call it that (really it's not), is I had to put my Father in extended care, on the 19th, directly after his discharge from the Hospital. Unfortunately he unknowingly picked at (and picked out a few) his incision staples a couple of times, while in the hospital, thus making the healing of the wound a little more complicated and delicate. So really it's only bad news in the fact they he would have been home otherwise. Amusingly ironic is the comment the doctor that performed the surgery dropped on me that in his 20 years of doing surgery my Farther is the ONLY patient that picked at his incision like that... just what I wanted to hear 9_9

 As grave as this might sound the incision is healing well with no problems of infection, and he's doing well overall, however he needs a more professional hospital environment for extended recovery than being at home. The incision is wrapped in a binder now so he can't get at it (though I don't see why they didn't do that immediately after the fist time he picked... apparently not). There's also the issue of extensive post surgery water retention swelling that has extremely impaired his mobility. I had hoped they would have gotten that swelling down at the hospital but he still has a little ways to go. So he's also in extended care for physical therapy, which is actually rather common for post surgery of this magnitude.  All said, he's doing great and I expect him to recover fully. What this means for Vulne Pro is, finally, I have some breathing room and time to get things rolling again. I have had no problem, what so ever, with helping my Father through all this at all but, now, I really do need to get things back on track. The studio is a business after all and we really need to get back to work. Expect activity from Vulne Pro to gradually ramp up once again. My deepest thanks for the support from everyone through all of this.


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