Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Return to posting at Pixiv

I've returned to posting work at Pixiv, which is sort of, Japan's version of Deviant Art. Nick Maradin and I had stated posting there in November of 2008 but hadn't kept up due to other work. I've wanted to get back to posting there again so, in the last few days I've been posting up some of the Theos work that never made it up there.  Being a lot of that work never went up on Pixiv I have a lot to post every now and then.  I'll also be posting work for Karl Östlund (genocidalpenguin) on his behalf. 

Vulne Pro on Pixiv

The reasoning for posting there certainly isn't any Japanophile kind of mentality (my view of the creators over there was always peer respect not a view through fan obsessed goggles) as it's simply to expose the work to an audience obviously far more familiar with the troupes and genre they, more or less, created in the first place. Seeing as how we have a very different take for how we plan to approach the notion of mecha it's of interest to post there.

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