Monday, February 07, 2011

New TKP FOIL post and updates to old TKP Image art pieces

It's about time to gradually get this little blog a cookin' again. With things calming down a tad I have bit more time to get to working on art again. I'll be getting to a lot of backlog work and older pieces so there will be a lot pending. I recently uploaded to DA a long delayed collaboration piece with Charles Liu (N'vos Tessai FOIL), and two updated versions of older TKP image art illos; ORO TDS Station and Blood Wake (below).

Updated 2011 version:

Original 2008 version:

There's a lot of work to get to and, over time, we plan to post a lot of work here that's not featured on any of our respective Deviant galleries so stay tuned, there's more to come!


Germán Varona said...

Nice, I like so much.
Now i follow you :P
Im here Vulne:

Vulnepro said...

Our thanks, we appreciate the interest in the work and the follow. Things are starting up gradually but there will be a lot more work and information posted as we proceed.


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