Monday, February 28, 2011

Desert Cloak Foil Step-By-Step

I have a thing for robots adorned with cloth. Exia Repair. Break Blade Golems. Guymelefs. Anything with a cape or cloak or tattered bits of tapestry hanging about. This piece started with a cape. I want to use this post to chronicle the journey from start to finish in a step-by-step fashion. It's interesting

Here's the first sketch (digital). You can see that he (someone should draw a female Foil) started out with a really foppish pose, with flared wrists and what was originally going to be a knife in his right hand. He's sporting a very Spawn-like cloak with lots of little ribbons.

In this second version I started blocking in the cloak in two layers: one for the top, and one for the darker back/inside layer. I put both layers underneath the lines so I could use them for a painting guide. I then made a third layer, above the lines, onto which I started painting in the details of the cloak.

For the third pass, you can see that work on the cloak has progressed. I even did a rough color/shading test of the arms and legs, to get a feel for the body proportions/shape and overall look. I added some buttons that are used to pin down clumps of cloth at various points.

In the fourth pass, things have changed quite dramatically. I decided to redraw and repose the arms and legs. The Foil is now primarily white in color (I like white mecha). Also, it looks like I was planning on having the left arm be a giant claw-arm, hidden under the cloak. The shading here is a little more crisp, but at this point I was still unsure where the piece would end up.

The fifth version is the only time the image was in landscape mode, in order to accommodate what would have been a large sword. The right and left arms have been reposed and redrawn once again. Major progress has been made on the cloak. The buttons are now white, and I decided to add some tears/bullet holes in the cloth to make it look worn and ragged. Also gone is the "belt" around the waist. The painted legs are of a completely new design, and for awhile I was entertaining the idea of split toes and pointed hips. Elements of the final joint and armor design are starting to become apparent.

Sixth version. Nearing the finish line! Major refinements to arm and legs, with final details becoming apparent. Left shoulder area, where the cloak gathers, has been reworked and pulled outwards a bit for better overall balance and to fill out the upper body. I decided on two simple headband-style ribbons. The pose is very "Robo-Hamlet," no?

Final version. Okay, I decided to roll with the "Robo-Hamlet" idea! Now I'm really interested in what the rest of that "trophy" Foil looks like. Hrmm... I decided to keep the markings simple, with just two orange bands around the "nosecone." The right arm has some added details, and the left arm makes a reappearance. Final touchups + ground shadow and he's ready to show off the spoils of victory!

Thanks for reading!



Janus Lu said...

Good job! Very solid feel and rich in layers. :)

Via Kalí said...

The cloth looks really amazing!