Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 and a return to activity...

Last post here in 2006... DOH!

Well a lot happened since that time and there were some good reasons why the posting dropped off. The primary reason being we got really busy in 2007 working on animation TV series pitches so the blog kinda was an afterthought during those crazy times.  Also the migration to Deviant Art, with posting current Vulne Pro works, shifted focus there.  Deviant art was a huge success in growing the Theos project so, naturally, posting there continued. Well, it's time now, at the onset of 2011, to revive this little blog as the official hub of Vulne Pro studio.  There's a lot of catching up here, a lot of stories to potentially share about the missing blog time, a lot of new things to explore, and some cool things planned. So with this brief update we return to our little home here and invite you all along for the ride.



Tom Dow said...

That was December 2006, so it's only been about four years if that helps. I haven't cleaned up my RSS reader in at least that long, fortunately, so your blog post lit right up.

I really dig the old blog's new look.

Vulnepro said...

Yeah, it's not all that long really but I never planned to let it sit so long. I suppose actually being rather busy is a worthy excuse but still.

Though it's been a bit of a crazy start to the year it seemed the time to bring the blog back and really put it to use.

Aye, I dig the new look as well, more control over modifying the look. Good deal to that.