Thursday, January 27, 2011

Had to take my Father into emergency.

I spent the entire day, yesterday, with my Father at the hospital.  His routine doctor's exam (unrelated to his exams regarding his broken arm, which has been healing fantastically) turned into discovering an aryhtmia in his heart so he was admitted right away (though it wasn't anything immediately life threatening).  So far the news hasn't been mortally grave or horribly alarming , however it's serious enough to warrent observation and a battery of testing. It's still too early to say how it might go but my hope is, what I'm gathering as somewhat on the positive side will be how it goes.  They more or less said this is treatable and he should be OK, so we'll see.  He was in good spirits overall, though not wanting to be there naturally. I'll be heading back today of course keeping him company. Please, by all means send best wishes, prayers, or whatever positive vibes are your inclination.

Thanks for reading.

Update: Sat Jan 29

I'm happy to report my Father is doing really well and the arrhythmia isn't life threatening or as serious as it was first diagnosed (he wasn't in any pain or discomfort, what so ever, when we admitted him to emergency, nor has he been in any before admitting. Only the arm pain). It was good he was admitted to ensure it doesn't get serious but, overall, he's doing really good and the condition is treatable. The testing is over and he's just in observation likely heading home in the next day or so. Thank you to everyone who expressed kind wishes, we really appreciate it. I have no idea how much that kinda thing helps but it certainly can't hurt.

Update: Mon Jan 31

My Father was discharged from the hospital, yesterday, and is doing very well so far. I expect more doctors visits but the situation doesn't appear life threatening and he's well enough to be home. Gonna have a busy few days though, much to take care of and catch up on.

Thank you all immensely for the kind words, well wishes, and comments. We really do appreciate it.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 and a return to activity...

Last post here in 2006... DOH!

Well a lot happened since that time and there were some good reasons why the posting dropped off. The primary reason being we got really busy in 2007 working on animation TV series pitches so the blog kinda was an afterthought during those crazy times.  Also the migration to Deviant Art, with posting current Vulne Pro works, shifted focus there.  Deviant art was a huge success in growing the Theos project so, naturally, posting there continued. Well, it's time now, at the onset of 2011, to revive this little blog as the official hub of Vulne Pro studio.  There's a lot of catching up here, a lot of stories to potentially share about the missing blog time, a lot of new things to explore, and some cool things planned. So with this brief update we return to our little home here and invite you all along for the ride.