Sunday, December 17, 2006

Welcome Coast to Coast fans!

Shawn La Douceur, one of Coast’s intrepid webmasters, has just posted a paranormal themed illustration I did around Halloween titled, “This Place is Ours”. I had a lot of fun doing this painting, fully digital in Photoshop 7.0. It shows some Willo o’ Wisps who seem to have gotten pretty upset with the inhabitants of the building in frame. They painted a warning, in blood, on the wall. Clearly not something you want to wake up to in the morning… that is if they get the chance to wake up. Who knows what these ghosties have in mind?

Also as you might see, from the post below, EBEJEEBIES is making a return soon. Hopefully Coast will post our new EBE one spot promo gag soon to get the word out. It’s been a busy year for us and we expect to continue to be busy into the New Year with more new things to bring to those of you gracious enough to keep following our work. To keep track of all the most current work Vulne Pro has been doing please, by all means, cheack out our Deviant Gallery.

The site is in stasis at the moment, with some areas under construction or in the middle of style changes, we apologize for that, again the busy. We also took down the forum because it simply broke on us and spammers were killing it so if you wish to drop us a line please do so, anyone can comment here on the blog, you needn't be a member of Blogger to do so. Thank you all for dropping by and my thanks to Shawn and the good crew at Coast to Coast, as always they have our best. Keep watching the skies folks! Cheers!

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