Monday, November 13, 2006

Windycon 33 Report

Windycon is a great convention- I had last attended one about ten years ago and found on my return that it is better than ever. They are not too small, not too big, and have a great selection of activities and guests.
I did my three panels on Saturday. In the one on designing a realistic spaceship, I was partnered with Stephan Martiniere, the famous visual designer who's worked on lots of films and games, including The Fifth Element, Star Wars Ep. 2 and 3, Titan A.E., the Abyss, Myst, Uru, and many others, not to mention being one of the hottest SF book cover painters working today. He was a very interesting guy to talk to, and very down to earth.
My TTA panel on Sunday went well. It was well-attended, despite the Windycon folks not getting my panel description into the con book (which ultimately was my fault)- there was only the title (the description was up on the website, though). Everything went well and the crowd was very enthusiastic. They were thrilled at the new stuff that I sneak-peeked from Capital Ships. I sold several books in the hallway after the panel as well.
The con activities were fun as well. Several good parties, a great dealers room, and fun entertainment. I also met and got to know Gery L. Deer and Scout, whip artists extraordinaire!
U-Con is next week. More to come!

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