Saturday, August 26, 2006

Spacecraft 2100 to 2200 AD availability and where the Hell Michigan be you guys???

Well, what’s been going on? Have we dropped off the face of the Earth, finally rubbed off by the Grays who’s feelings we’ve possibly ruffled with EBEJEEBIES? Have we decided to become pirates in a vain effort to fight global warming?

None of the above I can happily report we’re still just incredibly busy and have had little time to post anything. Terran Trade Authority has been consuming much of Jeff’s time and a good deal of mine as well but where the hell is the first book you say??? Well there were unexpected delays that pushed release back as some of you that follow the blog may know but once all that was sorted out something even sillier has ended up delaying things. Being the bloody blog wouldn’t let Jeff post last night I’m posting his press release here for him below, without further delay in his own words…

Begin Transmission--

For everyone who’s been wondering… yes, the first TTA book, Spacecraft 2100 to 2200 AD, is out and has been out for a month now. But you probably haven’t seen it. Why? Because Barnes & Noble and Borders (more specifically, their corporate buyers) are morons.

Here’s the problem: Despite heavy interest, a huge amount of pre-orders, and promises to order lots in exchange for steering buyers to their websites, the Big Two STILL vastly, vastly, VASTLY under-ordered the title. How badly did they under-order? The Borders distribution center in Indiana, which serves the ENTIRE Midwest, including Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Cleveland… you get the idea… ordered a grand total of fifty-three copies. This amount didn’t even cover their pre-orders, much less leave any stock for the shelves. In short, my book has been out for weeks… and I still haven’t seen a copy anywhere! More importantly, fans haven’t been able to get it!!!

Fortunately, this problem was easy to correct, as the Morrigan Press warehouse in Atlanta still had lots of books. Just order more. Problem! Even though each store orders separately, the distribution center they’re tied to only does an order once a month… meaning a four-week delay, at best!

Don’t get me started on Amazon… which is doing a nice job of promoting and cross-promoting the book… yet still lists it as “not released yet”. We’re still trying to get to the bottom of this one…

I won’t go into the problems associated with a Byzantine, monolithic bookstore chain and their bureaucratic problems… even though I have a lot to say about it… but here’s the low-down…

1.) The big book chains should be re-stocked quite soon. If you already ordered one from them, keep pestering them. Also, please ask your local bookstore to stock it.

2.) The distributor that handles the orders of small, indy stores ordered plenty… so check your independent retailer! This is something we should all encourage, anyway.

3.) Morrigan now has their own stock of books- and you can order from them direct! Here’s the link: I know it says “pre-order”, but it’s not- the books are in stock and ready to go, and shipping for anywhere in North America is a measly five bucks! International customers, just drop Morrigan a line for a good shipping rate.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

---End Transmission

There you have it; it’s out but not but is. I worked at BOTH Border and Barnes & Noble in the past and I’m well aware of the broken that is their distribution system. I can’t say everything was sloppy but what occurred here wasn’t exactly an uncommon occurrence. Hopefully this will all be sorted out soon, until then, as Jeff pointed out, anyone who wants a copy of the book can order one directly from Morrigan Press. Pleas by al means do as the success of TTA will be crucial to us moving forward with some plans we have for possibly doing some original material with Morrigan of our own.

What have I been up to outside TTA? I’m engaged in a vicious mind war with a rather annoying Gray named Klauzon… no just kidding. I’ve been working rather regularly on various projects and now regularly working with Thunderbean Animation. Currently I’m involved with a follow up gig to the previous one, again doing background work. Once complete I have a rather growing pile of Theos Ke Polemos artwork that is in process and awaiting posting so look forward to a trickle and then flood of new material, keep an eye on the Vulne Pro Deviant gallery as it will go there first. Until then the busy continues.