Sunday, April 02, 2006

And with explodie Ninja Pirates with lasers in their eyes… or not!!

Indeed it’s been wildly insane. More stuff has happened in the last few months all at once seemingly from differing directions yet ultimately leading in the same direction it’s not even funny. To say we’ve been busy is an understatement exceptionalle. Is that a word? Don’t care, it is now and essentially that’s what we’ve been doing, a whole lot of creating. As Jeff said in the post below we have pretty much banged out a full 13 episode animated TV series pitch (no it’s not Theos Ke Polemos) in about 72 hours, probably less. Myself, Mark Dudley, Jeff Lilly, Karl Östlund, and Chuck Walton all worked on materials for this pitch and under a mad time crunch came through the home stretch. In fact the quality of the work was beyond exceptional considering the amount of time we had to creat all the materials. We shall see how it goes indeed. Aside from that I’ve personally also been working with Thunderbean animation on something and have been toiling away on TTA materials. Much of this work can't be revealed so until we can that's the gist of it. I can also report that Karl Östlund and Felix Chinook Z. are officially part of the studio and will be working on various things as projects cross our path. There appears to be others poised to join as well and the only mandate we have is to let creativity flourish and keep working on developing interesting properties for the marketplace. Sorry for the lack of regular updates folks, can’t be helped. What you can expect is a lot of stuff from us in the future as we get a lot of this material out there. Cheers everyone!

Now 1000% Nuttier!

Things have been... nuts!
A complete pitch for a 13-episode TV series... in less than 72 hours?
Just ask Vulne Pro!
Can I sleep now? Thank you.
I can't say any more right now... but we'll let you know how it goes.
Meanwhile, work continues on the TTA projects...
More news to come soon. Stay tuned.