Friday, March 17, 2006

TTA Rolls On

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We're still busy with the TTA... I'm editing and rewriting, waiting for the final comments and tough decisions from the boss. I've also been doing some little bits of new writing here and there, including designing a new ship with Adrian Mann based on about two sentences of info in Spacewreck, third of the four books. Challenging, yet fun.
Vulne Pro's HQ (Mike's place) has been hit with a series of natural disasters recently, including a leaky ceiling and a malfunctioning computer fan that makes his machine shut down at critical moments... hopefully not a sign of divine disfavor.
This weekend I'm hoping to finish up the future history, and that should be about it for Spacecraft 2100-2200 AD, not counting edits and rewrites... now to start work on the sourcebooks in earnest!
Can't wait to show you all more material. Hopefully the boss will allow some more stuff to leak out in the coming weeks. We'll keep you posted.
T-minus three months 'till publication... spread the buzz!


Anonymous said...

wow, why such a tight/last-minute-y dead line any way? crazy.

Hatrax said...

Why? Because typesetting is no longer a matter of arranging little metal or wood blocks in a frame... it's all about desktop publishing! Pop the disk in one end, the book comes out the other. Technology rocks.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i know, but still:


(automated spell & grammar check STILL only go so far)

game-testing of some sort?

(though, again, i know nothing about this/that stuff)

forget it . . . i'm gonna' shut up & let you get (back) to the seemingly impossible . . .

Hatrax said...

Proof-reading: I did it myself, in the process of writing eight seperate drafts, plus my editor is going over it.
Play-testing: We are using a generic core rules system called OMNI that Morrigan Press developed. Once you know the rules, you can apply them to any genre. It has already been playtested. Just a matter of plugging in the TTA stuff.
Not impossible... just improbable.

Anonymous said...

cool . . . good luck (if you need it/extra) . . . :]