Friday, March 03, 2006

Theos Walker Tanks

Although posted at the Deviant gallery time to post these here as well, later than I probably should have. A concept sheet with 2 walker tank designs. The top tank, clearly inspired by German WWII Jagdpanzer style tanks. The little wheels in the legs a bit of a flight of fancy (hell if Patlabor 2 can get away with it why not?) that seemed to make the illo work better with the speed and movement. The second tank below has some floating fire control and ranging drones floating in the air assisting it.
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Anonymous said...

are there hydraulic telescopiter-doodles in the knee 'joints' or what?

or's there somethin' special about the 'hips' to 'incur' (i can't think of the word i can't think of) locomotion?

cripes i gotta' go, anyway: neat-o!

Vulnepro said...

As I drew them I kept it a more enclosed mechanics notion in mind so most of that isn't seen visibly. Even though the paintings got a little detailed they were actually both roughs I just ended up going the extra mile with. Overall I look at them both as enclosed systems as dust would probably play hell on hydraulics, then again it would also depend on what kind of hydraulics. Being this is all sendai derived technologies on a lot of this stuff some of these tanks are utilizing some of those concepts but these clearly are both non sentient vehicles, no sendai component in the operational internal workings.

I figure as I expand on things, time permitting, I will attempt to iron out anything problematic that really bugs me as to how they might work but I always have a healthy amount of fantasy in there as well. It's a fine line between making something look interesting and making it look believably convincing in a real world setting. I have no doubts you know this though as you always seemed to understand that ;)