Sunday, March 26, 2006

...and on...

I'm writing new ship descriptions, based on ships that were mentioned for a mere sentence or two in the original texts. Very Challenging! Adrian is doing great new designs for them as well.
Mike is doing studies for the Alphans and Proximans.
Scott is putting it all together.
Onward we roll, each day bringing us closer to publication. Ain't it exciting?
Back to work...

Friday, March 17, 2006

TTA Rolls On

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We're still busy with the TTA... I'm editing and rewriting, waiting for the final comments and tough decisions from the boss. I've also been doing some little bits of new writing here and there, including designing a new ship with Adrian Mann based on about two sentences of info in Spacewreck, third of the four books. Challenging, yet fun.
Vulne Pro's HQ (Mike's place) has been hit with a series of natural disasters recently, including a leaky ceiling and a malfunctioning computer fan that makes his machine shut down at critical moments... hopefully not a sign of divine disfavor.
This weekend I'm hoping to finish up the future history, and that should be about it for Spacecraft 2100-2200 AD, not counting edits and rewrites... now to start work on the sourcebooks in earnest!
Can't wait to show you all more material. Hopefully the boss will allow some more stuff to leak out in the coming weeks. We'll keep you posted.
T-minus three months 'till publication... spread the buzz!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Dipping into some nostalgic spaces...

Yes the cat’s outta the bag for one recent gig, we are working on the old Terran Trade Authority classic space art material with this new re-launch of the work through Morrigan Press (link now added to the sidebar). Both Jeff, myself, and several friends kinda grew up with these books and in many ways they had some impact on things we would do in our future efforts. To some degree they were viewed with a mix of playful amusement at some of the out there illustrations like, “why the hell is that Sentinel ship shooting at a Model T Ford??? Huh?” To a sense of amazement at the strange designs, colors, and compositions of the paintings and the unique flavor much of the art had. So it’s very much a nostalgic blast from the past to be involved in working on this material. So, as Jeff said, he has a massively involved writing gig with this project and Myself and Mark Dudley will be producing artworks for this project as well. I saw the posting for this gig on RPG.Net’s forums and after the surprise someone actually revived and purchased the rights to do this material wore off I sent the link to Jeff and he applied right away. I’m not surprised he got the gig considering the quality of the writing he did for the submission and I can’t imagine there are a ton of folks out there familiar with these books but who really knows for sure? I guess once the books launch we’ll have an idea. In any event now we can talk about it with Morrigan actively beginning promotions but there are actually still other things percolating in the background, other projects, that can’t be discussed yet. There is a lot going on this year. We’ve had some dry spells in posting but we will still drop in as much as we can. Take care folks and expect to see more peeks at this project and various Theos works and collaborations with other artists to come. Cheers!

Terran Trade Authority, back again 100 years later kids!

And, booyaa! Here we have Morrigan Press’s mockup cover for the new Terran Trade Authority Spacecraft 2100 to 2200 AD (note dates moved a century ahead. Where’s my flying car dammit? 2001 I mock you).

Jiendel Gavil Kunst Fau FOIL

A full Photoshop paint of a combat FOIL. This guy is a heavy cavalry FOIL with dual swords and a more bulky classel coated ceramic armor (note the dark brown scratches and chips caused by the classel armor coat chipping off). Jiendel's Gavil line of FOILs have fixed heads and rely on sensors hidden all over the machine for additional optic data, that is to say vision isn't hindered by lack of mobility in the head its purely the "personality" and identity of the FOIL.
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Theos Walker Tanks

Although posted at the Deviant gallery time to post these here as well, later than I probably should have. A concept sheet with 2 walker tank designs. The top tank, clearly inspired by German WWII Jagdpanzer style tanks. The little wheels in the legs a bit of a flight of fancy (hell if Patlabor 2 can get away with it why not?) that seemed to make the illo work better with the speed and movement. The second tank below has some floating fire control and ranging drones floating in the air assisting it.
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