Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hikeeba them aliens be a kwaaazy! Posted by Picasa

Merry Christmas!

As read, we wish everyone a Happy Holiday season. EBEJEEBIES Coast to Coast greeting posted on their front page just in time for Christmas once again with our gratitude. Also posted the 2004 EBEJEEBIES Xmas on Deviant Art. Take care everyone, Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

This Place is ours!

Ghosts simply don't like it when you plunk a building near their grave site... we never learn, never learn. Also posted in the Vulne Pro Deviant art gallery. Posted by Picasa

Welcome Coast to Coast fans!

Shawn La Douceur, one of Coast’s intrepid webmasters, has just posted a paranormal themed illustration I did around Halloween titled, “This Place is Ours”. I had a lot of fun doing this painting, fully digital in Photoshop 7.0. It shows some Willo o’ Wisps who seem to have gotten pretty upset with the inhabitants of the building in frame. They painted a warning, in blood, on the wall. Clearly not something you want to wake up to in the morning… that is if they get the chance to wake up. Who knows what these ghosties have in mind?

Also as you might see, from the post below, EBEJEEBIES is making a return soon. Hopefully Coast will post our new EBE one spot promo gag soon to get the word out. It’s been a busy year for us and we expect to continue to be busy into the New Year with more new things to bring to those of you gracious enough to keep following our work. To keep track of all the most current work Vulne Pro has been doing please, by all means, cheack out our Deviant Gallery.

The site is in stasis at the moment, with some areas under construction or in the middle of style changes, we apologize for that, again the busy. We also took down the forum because it simply broke on us and spammers were killing it so if you wish to drop us a line please do so, anyone can comment here on the blog, you needn't be a member of Blogger to do so. Thank you all for dropping by and my thanks to Shawn and the good crew at Coast to Coast, as always they have our best. Keep watching the skies folks! Cheers!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Those Little Gray Guys Are Coming Back...

...soon. After a disastrous run-in with an unreliable financier and some earth-borne particle accelerator weapons, our little gray EBEs have been... recovering. But Crell, Zax, and Gleeb will be back soon for some all-new adventures. Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming "second season" of Ebejeebies!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Went to U-con at the University of Michigan last weekend and sold some books! It's held in the Student Union building, and had everything a con-goer could want, and more... easy access to a cornucopia of fast food in the basement, a nice setting with ballroom floor, nice architecture, stained glass windows, dim lighting (well, that could have been better), ans a variety of interesting dealers. Considering the attendance, I can't complain about how slow it was. Still managed to sell some stuff, so I'm happy.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Windycon 33 Report

Windycon is a great convention- I had last attended one about ten years ago and found on my return that it is better than ever. They are not too small, not too big, and have a great selection of activities and guests.
I did my three panels on Saturday. In the one on designing a realistic spaceship, I was partnered with Stephan Martiniere, the famous visual designer who's worked on lots of films and games, including The Fifth Element, Star Wars Ep. 2 and 3, Titan A.E., the Abyss, Myst, Uru, and many others, not to mention being one of the hottest SF book cover painters working today. He was a very interesting guy to talk to, and very down to earth.
My TTA panel on Sunday went well. It was well-attended, despite the Windycon folks not getting my panel description into the con book (which ultimately was my fault)- there was only the title (the description was up on the website, though). Everything went well and the crowd was very enthusiastic. They were thrilled at the new stuff that I sneak-peeked from Capital Ships. I sold several books in the hallway after the panel as well.
The con activities were fun as well. Several good parties, a great dealers room, and fun entertainment. I also met and got to know Gery L. Deer and Scout, whip artists extraordinaire!
U-Con is next week. More to come!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Upcoming Conventions / Some News

I (Jeff) will be appearing at Windycon 33 in Chicago the weekend of November 10-12, 2006. I'll be on three panels on Saturday, and then Sunday at 1:00 I will be presenting a panel on the Terran Trade Authority. The following weekend I'll be at U-Con in Ann Arbor (Nov. 17-19, 2006), running the Morrigan Press table with Mike, who of course did quite a bit of excellent artwork for the RPG. At both conventions, I will have the TTA Roleplaying Game for sale, as well as Spacecraft 2100 to 2200 AD. At U-Con I will have a lot of other Morrigan Press titles for sale as well.
The RPG (the finished print version) will be hitting my doorstep next week and will soon be available at and direct from Morrigan Press. The RPG is currently available from / RPGNow (they merged) in Adobe PDF format for a special price.
Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for your support!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Welcome TTA fans!

Greetings and salutations good Infobahn surfers. The Terran Trade Authority RPG has finally been released at Drivethrough and the print version will be arriving in short order at various retailers. Being the URL for Vulne Pro’s studio site is in the credits I welcome those of you who wander in for a look see. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done for the site so bear with us on that, it’s been a crazy busy year and little time for web work. Currently new art posts are ending up in the Vulne Pro Deviant gallery so take a look there first. The forum we had broke sometime back so we nixed it until a new one can replace it. Any inquiries can be posted here in the blog as you don’t have to be a member of Blogger to post, so please feel free to drop a line. Sales have been good so far, it seems the TTA RPG is #1 on Drivethrough so we thank you folks for the interest. If you like what you see support it otherwise you might not get to see more as we have other plans for new projects that will hinge on the success or failure of TTA. Please enjoy the visit. See you round the Infobahn. Cheers!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game Now Available!

The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game, based on the seminal million-selling future history series that began with Spacecraft 2000 to 2100 AD, authored by Stewart Cowley and recently updated and re-issued by Morrigan Press, is now available!

Featuring a cover by, and reprints of, Adrian Mann's art from the updated Spacecraft 2100 to 2200 AD PLUS extensive interior art by Vulne Pro Studios's Mike Majestic and associated artists Karl Ostlund and Jainai Jeffries and with about half of the interior material written by Vulne Pro's Jeff Lilly, it looks as good as it plays.

The TTA RPG is over 400 pages of new background information, ship stats, and complete RPG rules based on Morrigan’s critically acclaimed Omni System. The TTA RPG gives a solid, fleshed-out stage on which to base your TTA campaigns while retaining the air of mystery and wonder that made the original books into the SF icons that they are. Star system backgrounds, complete lists of skills, quirks, and equipment, rules for spacecraft flight and combat, short vignettes, the first look at the mysterious Alphans and Proximans and their cultures, and much more… all content has been reviewed and approved by Stewart Cowley himself.

The TTA RPG is available now in downloadable PDF format from and soon in print format exclusively from and direct from Morrigan Press Inc. The PDF sells for $18 and the print version has a cover price of $29.99. The print version should be available in early to mid-November... I'll keep you all posted.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Spacecraft Sales Strong, RPG Coming Soon

Hi Folks,
We've sold about half the run of Spacecraft: 2100 to 2200 AD and will probably be reprinting around Christmas. The TTA Roleplaying Game is in the final editing stages and will be released electronically in just a few days and in print format in about a month. I'll keep you posted!
Thanks to everyone who's bought a copy so far...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Spacecraft 2100 to 2200 AD availability and where the Hell Michigan be you guys???

Well, what’s been going on? Have we dropped off the face of the Earth, finally rubbed off by the Grays who’s feelings we’ve possibly ruffled with EBEJEEBIES? Have we decided to become pirates in a vain effort to fight global warming?

None of the above I can happily report we’re still just incredibly busy and have had little time to post anything. Terran Trade Authority has been consuming much of Jeff’s time and a good deal of mine as well but where the hell is the first book you say??? Well there were unexpected delays that pushed release back as some of you that follow the blog may know but once all that was sorted out something even sillier has ended up delaying things. Being the bloody blog wouldn’t let Jeff post last night I’m posting his press release here for him below, without further delay in his own words…

Begin Transmission--

For everyone who’s been wondering… yes, the first TTA book, Spacecraft 2100 to 2200 AD, is out and has been out for a month now. But you probably haven’t seen it. Why? Because Barnes & Noble and Borders (more specifically, their corporate buyers) are morons.

Here’s the problem: Despite heavy interest, a huge amount of pre-orders, and promises to order lots in exchange for steering buyers to their websites, the Big Two STILL vastly, vastly, VASTLY under-ordered the title. How badly did they under-order? The Borders distribution center in Indiana, which serves the ENTIRE Midwest, including Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Cleveland… you get the idea… ordered a grand total of fifty-three copies. This amount didn’t even cover their pre-orders, much less leave any stock for the shelves. In short, my book has been out for weeks… and I still haven’t seen a copy anywhere! More importantly, fans haven’t been able to get it!!!

Fortunately, this problem was easy to correct, as the Morrigan Press warehouse in Atlanta still had lots of books. Just order more. Problem! Even though each store orders separately, the distribution center they’re tied to only does an order once a month… meaning a four-week delay, at best!

Don’t get me started on Amazon… which is doing a nice job of promoting and cross-promoting the book… yet still lists it as “not released yet”. We’re still trying to get to the bottom of this one…

I won’t go into the problems associated with a Byzantine, monolithic bookstore chain and their bureaucratic problems… even though I have a lot to say about it… but here’s the low-down…

1.) The big book chains should be re-stocked quite soon. If you already ordered one from them, keep pestering them. Also, please ask your local bookstore to stock it.

2.) The distributor that handles the orders of small, indy stores ordered plenty… so check your independent retailer! This is something we should all encourage, anyway.

3.) Morrigan now has their own stock of books- and you can order from them direct! Here’s the link: I know it says “pre-order”, but it’s not- the books are in stock and ready to go, and shipping for anywhere in North America is a measly five bucks! International customers, just drop Morrigan a line for a good shipping rate.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

---End Transmission

There you have it; it’s out but not but is. I worked at BOTH Border and Barnes & Noble in the past and I’m well aware of the broken that is their distribution system. I can’t say everything was sloppy but what occurred here wasn’t exactly an uncommon occurrence. Hopefully this will all be sorted out soon, until then, as Jeff pointed out, anyone who wants a copy of the book can order one directly from Morrigan Press. Pleas by al means do as the success of TTA will be crucial to us moving forward with some plans we have for possibly doing some original material with Morrigan of our own.

What have I been up to outside TTA? I’m engaged in a vicious mind war with a rather annoying Gray named Klauzon… no just kidding. I’ve been working rather regularly on various projects and now regularly working with Thunderbean Animation. Currently I’m involved with a follow up gig to the previous one, again doing background work. Once complete I have a rather growing pile of Theos Ke Polemos artwork that is in process and awaiting posting so look forward to a trickle and then flood of new material, keep an eye on the Vulne Pro Deviant gallery as it will go there first. Until then the busy continues.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Spacecraft 2100 to 2200 AD electronic version now on sale at! Download it as an Adobe PDF for only $15!

The print version should be available from all your favorite sellers in late June. Order your copy today!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Cover Art, Final Version

Here's the cover... clickie to see a bigger version.
$24.95, softcover. Let Barnes & Noble, Borders, or your favorite local bookseller know you want a copy! Also available here on!
Still no firm release date... coming in a few days...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Breaking News- The Return of Commander Cowley

Okay, our lack of updates has become ridiculous. We've all been VERY busy. I'll let you all know what's going on with my end, and hopefully Mike will pop on and let you know what's going on with his end.
The TTA project continues. Spacecraft 2100 to 2200 AD is at the printer's and will be released next month. But, there was a little, teensy glitch...

It was Eleventh Hour at TTA HQ. The new Spacecraft 2100-2200 AD had gone to press. The writing and artistic crews set their sights on finishing up the RPG book while K. Scott Agnew, president of Morrigan, went on a well-deserved family vacation.

On May 9, Scott returned to the office to find a message from Stewart Cowley, original author and compiler of the TTA books, in his inbox.

“Great!” He thought. After all, we at Morrigan had been trying to contact Mr. Cowley for months, hoping to include him or at least get his stamp of approval on the new material.

Then Scott read the message. There was a problem.

When Morrigan originally sought to license the TTA franchise, Scott approached Hamlyn Publishing, which asserted that it owned the rights to the TTA books. A deal was negotiated and advance royalties paid to Hamlyn.

In his message, however, Mr. Cowley asserted that he owned the copyright on the TTA books, and in fact had been the holder of said copyright since 1990.

A flurry of phone calls and e-mails later, it was confirmed that there had indeed been, to put it mildly, a slight oversight. Mr. Cowley did own the rights to the books. Hamlyn had somehow misfiled or otherwise overlooked this fact, and so had licensed a property that they had not owned for sixteen years.

I’ve got a bridge here, by the way. Nice bridge. Real ornate. It’d look good spanning whatever river you choose.

The contract was dead. Hamlyn returned the royalty money. The presses were stopped. And Scott and myself were busy searching our local areas for nice, high cliffs to drive off of. Was six months of work about to go up in smoke?

Well… it’s a wonderful thing in life when one of your childhood heroes turns out to be a jolly good fellow...

Mr. Cowley immediately made it clear that he had no wish to obstruct the project. He let us know that he was certain that everything we had been doing was in the true spirit of the original books. Once he had made sure that we weren’t some wildcatter organization attempting to rip him off, it was clear that there was the matter of a new deal to be forged… which it was.

The bottom line: Stewart Cowley is officially back in the TTA saddle! He’s aboard ship, back on the command deck, and will be contributing to future TTA releases. Best of all, everything from here on out is going to have the official Cowley blessing and seal of approval.

So this heads off any criticisms of expanding the canon... as well as giving me an opportunity to work with one of my childhood idols. All things considered, I think things worked out better than could have possibly been imagined... especially since Cowley could have, at any point, just said "no." He could also have very resonably demanded to have complete oversight, or to put the whole thing on hold until he got some of his people in the mix. He didn't. He trusted us, and he liked what we had done... in a similar situation, I don't think I would have been so understanding. He was, and now the project continues, stronger than before...

More to come!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

And with explodie Ninja Pirates with lasers in their eyes… or not!!

Indeed it’s been wildly insane. More stuff has happened in the last few months all at once seemingly from differing directions yet ultimately leading in the same direction it’s not even funny. To say we’ve been busy is an understatement exceptionalle. Is that a word? Don’t care, it is now and essentially that’s what we’ve been doing, a whole lot of creating. As Jeff said in the post below we have pretty much banged out a full 13 episode animated TV series pitch (no it’s not Theos Ke Polemos) in about 72 hours, probably less. Myself, Mark Dudley, Jeff Lilly, Karl Östlund, and Chuck Walton all worked on materials for this pitch and under a mad time crunch came through the home stretch. In fact the quality of the work was beyond exceptional considering the amount of time we had to creat all the materials. We shall see how it goes indeed. Aside from that I’ve personally also been working with Thunderbean animation on something and have been toiling away on TTA materials. Much of this work can't be revealed so until we can that's the gist of it. I can also report that Karl Östlund and Felix Chinook Z. are officially part of the studio and will be working on various things as projects cross our path. There appears to be others poised to join as well and the only mandate we have is to let creativity flourish and keep working on developing interesting properties for the marketplace. Sorry for the lack of regular updates folks, can’t be helped. What you can expect is a lot of stuff from us in the future as we get a lot of this material out there. Cheers everyone!

Now 1000% Nuttier!

Things have been... nuts!
A complete pitch for a 13-episode TV series... in less than 72 hours?
Just ask Vulne Pro!
Can I sleep now? Thank you.
I can't say any more right now... but we'll let you know how it goes.
Meanwhile, work continues on the TTA projects...
More news to come soon. Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

...and on...

I'm writing new ship descriptions, based on ships that were mentioned for a mere sentence or two in the original texts. Very Challenging! Adrian is doing great new designs for them as well.
Mike is doing studies for the Alphans and Proximans.
Scott is putting it all together.
Onward we roll, each day bringing us closer to publication. Ain't it exciting?
Back to work...

Friday, March 17, 2006

TTA Rolls On

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We're still busy with the TTA... I'm editing and rewriting, waiting for the final comments and tough decisions from the boss. I've also been doing some little bits of new writing here and there, including designing a new ship with Adrian Mann based on about two sentences of info in Spacewreck, third of the four books. Challenging, yet fun.
Vulne Pro's HQ (Mike's place) has been hit with a series of natural disasters recently, including a leaky ceiling and a malfunctioning computer fan that makes his machine shut down at critical moments... hopefully not a sign of divine disfavor.
This weekend I'm hoping to finish up the future history, and that should be about it for Spacecraft 2100-2200 AD, not counting edits and rewrites... now to start work on the sourcebooks in earnest!
Can't wait to show you all more material. Hopefully the boss will allow some more stuff to leak out in the coming weeks. We'll keep you posted.
T-minus three months 'till publication... spread the buzz!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Dipping into some nostalgic spaces...

Yes the cat’s outta the bag for one recent gig, we are working on the old Terran Trade Authority classic space art material with this new re-launch of the work through Morrigan Press (link now added to the sidebar). Both Jeff, myself, and several friends kinda grew up with these books and in many ways they had some impact on things we would do in our future efforts. To some degree they were viewed with a mix of playful amusement at some of the out there illustrations like, “why the hell is that Sentinel ship shooting at a Model T Ford??? Huh?” To a sense of amazement at the strange designs, colors, and compositions of the paintings and the unique flavor much of the art had. So it’s very much a nostalgic blast from the past to be involved in working on this material. So, as Jeff said, he has a massively involved writing gig with this project and Myself and Mark Dudley will be producing artworks for this project as well. I saw the posting for this gig on RPG.Net’s forums and after the surprise someone actually revived and purchased the rights to do this material wore off I sent the link to Jeff and he applied right away. I’m not surprised he got the gig considering the quality of the writing he did for the submission and I can’t imagine there are a ton of folks out there familiar with these books but who really knows for sure? I guess once the books launch we’ll have an idea. In any event now we can talk about it with Morrigan actively beginning promotions but there are actually still other things percolating in the background, other projects, that can’t be discussed yet. There is a lot going on this year. We’ve had some dry spells in posting but we will still drop in as much as we can. Take care folks and expect to see more peeks at this project and various Theos works and collaborations with other artists to come. Cheers!

Terran Trade Authority, back again 100 years later kids!

And, booyaa! Here we have Morrigan Press’s mockup cover for the new Terran Trade Authority Spacecraft 2100 to 2200 AD (note dates moved a century ahead. Where’s my flying car dammit? 2001 I mock you).

Jiendel Gavil Kunst Fau FOIL

A full Photoshop paint of a combat FOIL. This guy is a heavy cavalry FOIL with dual swords and a more bulky classel coated ceramic armor (note the dark brown scratches and chips caused by the classel armor coat chipping off). Jiendel's Gavil line of FOILs have fixed heads and rely on sensors hidden all over the machine for additional optic data, that is to say vision isn't hindered by lack of mobility in the head its purely the "personality" and identity of the FOIL.
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Theos Walker Tanks

Although posted at the Deviant gallery time to post these here as well, later than I probably should have. A concept sheet with 2 walker tank designs. The top tank, clearly inspired by German WWII Jagdpanzer style tanks. The little wheels in the legs a bit of a flight of fancy (hell if Patlabor 2 can get away with it why not?) that seemed to make the illo work better with the speed and movement. The second tank below has some floating fire control and ranging drones floating in the air assisting it.
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Monday, February 27, 2006

Terran Trade Authority is Reborn!

Hello. Are you a late-twenty or thirty-something SF fan?
Do you remember these books? Terran Trade Authority Handbooks
The TTA handbooks were an ambitious project started by author Stewart Cowley in the late 1970s. He basically took a whole bunch of unrelated space art, shrewdly grouped it, and wove a future history around it. The first book was more or less a "spacecraft recognition guide", the others expanded on the future history theme.
These books, more than anything else, more than Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica (the OLD series, thank you, because I'm OLD), more than Ultraman or the Thunderbirds, influenced my early love of science fiction. I remember being six, sitting with my dad, staring pop-eyed at the wonderful art, being transported to another time and place. The best thing about these books was the mystery and wonder of them, the late 70s, non-cyberpunk world of bright colors and futures full of promise, even as they were full of strife. Cowley wrote a masterpiece.
Enter Morrigan Press, publisher of excellent RPG supplements and a new system (Omni) that's taking the RPG world by storm. Morrigan purchased the rights to the TTA universe and are re-releasing the TTA books, expanded and with new art by the fabulously talented Adrian Mann that both pays tribute to and deliciously expands the universe. They will then release a roleplaying system, based on the Omni rules, that allows you to play in the TTA universe.
Then Mike sent me a link... they were looking for writers.
I went berzerk. I wrote a ten-page sample in one night and sent it off to them. A few weeks later, I had the job.
It's still sinking in... I get to write and expand the universe that I adored as a child.
I've been given the task of doing the anthropological work- describing the Alphans and Proximans, the two alien races living around Alpha and Proxima Centauri, which Cowley never described, despite the books dealing heavily with them. I'm also doing some work on a future Earth, its government, it's corporations, and its problems. I can't get into details yet, but I will as Morrigan allows me to.
The re-issued Spacecraft (now titled Spacecraft: 2100 to 2200 AD) is due for a June release, with the RPG to follow a month later. Morrigan also wants me to write two sourcebooks, one for the Alphans, one for the Proximans. Mike and Mark Dudley are aboard for at least some of the art duties. More to come soon....
Meanwhile... WOO-HOO!

Monday, February 06, 2006

A busy little studio working away and collaborating with other talented beings

Hello everyone.

I figure I should drop in a much needed update and posting regarding what we’ve been up to, one word… BUSY. We’ve been working on various things, all pretty much freelance, and it has been eating up a lot of time. I seem to have snagged Jeff a very sizable writing gig with an RPG (pen & paper) company that he’s been having a ball with as it’s sort of a blast from our past, so to speak. I won’t get into details yet other than to say it’s underway and looks to be pretty involved. He’s loving every minute of it and I imagine soon we’ll chime in with more details so stay tuned. It also seems myself and Mark Dudley will be doing art for this project as well. Currently I’m doing some freelance illustration and colors works, including a Children’s book. I’m also squeezing in work on Theos when I can and some collaborations with talented artists on Deviant art so with this posting I want to showcase some work by one of these artists, a talented conceptual artist and brilliant mecha designer, from Sweden, named Karl Östlund, those of you folks on the net might know him by the handle Genocidalpenguin (I have to say I love that). His work has appeared in various places including 4chan so some of you might have run across him, if you haven’t to check out his works just head to his gallery though the handy-dany penguin hyperlinks ;)

When I began the Vulne Pro Deviant gallery I really had no other purpose than to get the work out there in another venue and possibly make some new friends in the world of illustration. As I continued to post I saw fairly quickly that it would be a good place to test response to Theos concepts and possibly work with other artists. Thus far it’s been a fantastic place to post and gauge some feedback for the work. Mark sent me a link to a little gallery by an artist named genocidalpenguin and I was immediately floored by the creativity and unique work he was doing in mecha concepts (don’t let all this mecha talk fool you though, Karl is adept are illustrating all kinds of things believe me) it was both familiar and utterly his own look. I saw hints of Nagano, Kobayashi, etc but regardless the designs he does are all him and they rock.

I knew I wanted to collaborate on something with him and eventually I ended up contacting him, somewhat through another talented artist daemoria (I plan to feature him in a future posting as well. A link to his gallery is on the left side along with Karl's, DO check his work out). I offered to color one of Karl’s impressive mecha the Zidharta (also below) for a comic he has planed and from there we’ve been collaborating since. If schedules are good I offered to do colors for his comic once it reaches that stage.

Within the comments from The Deviant posting of the Anemos FOIL I had mentioned I eventually planned to have other artists doing FOIL and Sendai concepts for Theos Ke Polemos and Karl offered to contribute some work, I certainly couldn’t refuse so below I have also included the first FOIL design he’s created and it’s a beautiful beast. I’ve seen two more designs in progress and what is completed so far is frankly stunning to say the least so with that I say to folks frequenting Vulne look forward to more impressive works from him and more works from us in the studio. It’s gonna be another busy year but we wouldn’t have it any other way; we have some wild stuff planned.

Also, note: for higher resolution images of the works posted in this blog just hop on Vulne Pro’s and Karl’s Deviant galleries. The images posted here are low-res and really impair the quality of what the original work looks like. Another point of note is ANYONE can post in this blog in the comments section, you don't have to be a registered blogger to do so so feel more than free.

Till next time take care folks. Cheers!

Germane Klau-Faus JF 5 FOIL

Germane Klau-Faus JF 5 FOIL: This is Karl's first original FOIL concept for Theos Ke Polemos and it fits like a glove into the already established aesthetics yet still retaining his unmistakable style. The machine was unnamed (though honestly names have been changed when appropriate with some of the designs for Theos, thus tentative. Faus is a mutation for Faust, something again typical in this setting's fragmentary history) but as I continued to look over the design it's quite fitting for a machine made by the fictional political bloc Germane, a futuristic derived Germany with no real connections other than fragmentary to the original Germanic peoples. Original concept, illustration and colors Karl Östlund. The Basilea Project Theos Ke Polemos © 2006 Vulne pro.
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Zidharta CG color collab

Zidharta: Single seat rebel combat mecha. This is the first design of Karl's I offered to color. The machine has a Kobayashi vibe to it, a little tip of the hat to him so to speak but ultimately is still uniquely a genocidalpenguin machine. The wide stance and forward thrust of the torso is a trademark look to his machines. Illustration line work and design Karl Östlund. CG colors by me. © 2006 Karl Östlund Posted by Picasa

Dashgaw CG color collab

Dashgaw: Close quarters combat machine. This thing just looks fierce and with the pronounced large claws it looks like something one wouldn't want to tangle with. Illustration line work and design Karl Östlund. CG colors by me. © 2006 Karl Östlund Posted by Picasa

Dharga-Zatwa CG color collab

Dharga-Zatwa: 2 seat larger rebel combat machine. Quite a wild looking design, I'm rather fond of the mouth motif sensor array in the forward headcase, very cool stuff. Illustration line work and design Karl Östlund. CG colors by me. © 2006 Karl Östlund Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!!

Hello everyone and a Happy New Years to you all, may 2006 be a great year. Overall 2005 was a pretty good year as well, some hiccups aside, so we plan to work hard to make 2006 even better. It's been awfully busy for me working on freelance and also some of our own projects as well. EBEJEEBIES is not dead and will return soon we also will be doing work on many of the other projects so stay tuned. Being the blog hasn't gotten any art in a LONG time I went and posted a pile of concepts for Theos Ke Polemos, all from last year. All these designs have been posted on the Deviant gallery but never here, or the main site. Eventually they will get on Vulne Pro dot com as well. For now here's a peek at some Theos stuff, there will be a lot more to come. Onward to 2006...

Lavess Soso Gallas C-16 FOIL

Concept, sans cammo. I actualy prefer this one as the cammo is all too effective at doing it's job, breaking up the fluid lines of the machine. The subtle sweeps and curves are the primary design cues to Futurism. No this isn't intended to be pure Futurism, its more derived from ideas of a fractured past in the story setting. Full Wacom paint. Posted by Picasa

Lavess Soso Gallas C-16 FOIL cammo

Concept painting of a Futurist inspired combat FOIL for Theos Ke Polemos. Full digital Wacom paint. Posted by Picasa

Germane Blidhetz J3 Battle Tank

Rough concept for a battle tank with old German WWII influence in the Theos Ke Polemos story setting. Full digital Wacom illustration Posted by Picasa


Rough concept for combat FOIL in Theos Ke Polemos. This one is likely going to be one of the "star" machines, named Anemos (no not aneamo) which is Greek for winds. Full digital Wacom illustration. Posted by Picasa

Dies Isa Gust FOIL

Rough concept for combat FOIL, Theos Ke Polemos. Full digital Wacom illustration. Posted by Picasa