Monday, October 31, 2005

Vulne Pro: Augmented now with Deviant gallery, tastes like chicken!

You read that right... hi-keeba!

Anyway, joking aside I started a satellite Vulne Pro gallery (can be found on the sidebar links as well) at Deviant to bring in some extra exposure to our little haunt on the net and simply because at the moment it's faster to upload works there than to deal with the reworking of the site. There's just been so much going on this seemed like a good alternative and frankly it's one of the best art communities on the net because it deals with ALL forms of art, not just any one discipline, movement, style, technique, or genre of creative arts. I can't help but find that the best place to mingle with other artists and already in my short time there posting (pretty much older works at the moment due to having the short on the plate currently) I've already met a good deal of talented artists. So for those of you who have been following this site and blog, hoping to see new arts this gallery will be getting them first and yes I will still post works here as well.

Also I've added in our friends links Tom Dow's site. He's a professional animation layout illustrator, freelance, and overall artist with an impressive resume and boatloads of talent. Please swing by his site and check him out, you won't be sorry. I'll also be adding links to others soon. Until next time, cheers!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Taking a Stand... By Keeping Her Seat

Yes, I know, it's been forever. We continue to work hard. But tonight, a short aside:
I just heard on the news that Rosa Parks passed away. Ms. Parks, of course, needs no introduction. As the woman on that Alabama bus half a century ago, she helped ignite a movement that changed our country for the better, for folks of all races. A long-time Detroit resident, Ms. Parks will be terribly missed... but her lesson lives on. Rich or poor, great or small, whatever color you are... standing up for what is right is something all of us must do.
Who knows... you might just change the world.
Rest in peace, Ms. Parks.