Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dem aliens, dem aliens!

Ola folks!

Just wanted to drop in a quick update with the goings on here at the little studio. EBEJEEBIES is pretty much the main thing on our plate, or I should say my plate as it's the artwork that is to be completed. Scene after scene, frame after frame it's moving along. Though only a short film, more a teaser or trailer it still requires a great deal of illustrations and time. I thought now would be a good time to post some peeks at the short and so below are some frame from 3 different cuts. I pretty much just had 2 blackhole days due to an evil cold I got and am just coming out of the worst of it (tip folks BUY these, they work, trust me). So now it's back to work, more aliens to be drawn, more backgrounds to be painted but hell it's plenty of fun so I'm not complaining, not at all :) We'll keep you posted. Till next time, shalom.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The second frame in the first cut of the short. Here out nutty aliens saucer kicks the speed action in and breaks the sound barrier causing one of those nifty halo discharges of vapor around the saucer.  Posted by Picasa

Shot of the saucer blasting down from above, the halo from breaking the sound barrier fading away above.  Posted by Picasa

The saucer as it continues to move off camera.  Posted by Picasa

A random frame of 25 plus of the saucer flying over the mountains in Utah and a rabbit fleeing the scene. Yes, animation is typicaly 24 frames a second but this is going to be limited yet still get the idea of motion across. Advision will be stringing the images together in Adobe After Effects so this will be more in the vein of Flash animation.  Posted by Picasa

One of several frames of a rabbit hopping over the hill in fear of the saucer 'o' fools that previously flew over.  Posted by Picasa

And our wiley bunny hops away to freedom.  Posted by Picasa

This was a fun shot with all the random lightning and lighting effects. It's only going to be a short cut but it's still important to make those short images look good.  Posted by Picasa

Crazy 50-ish sci-fi Vander Graf Tesla lightning action. Posted by Picasa