Friday, July 22, 2005

Mavica shot. A very cool umbilical walkway joining these two building in the city. Stuff like this always makes for cool images whether in the real world setting or in a futuristic setting with lots of fictional flourishes. Posted by Picasa


SafeTinspector said...

I've been in that "umbilical". It used to be owned by a client of mine.
They owned one of the buildings and the tunnel, but had nothing to do with the other building.
They used the tunnel as STORAGE!
Occasionally they would clean it up and have parties in it.
The tunnel had no HVAC in it, so was extremely uncomfortable in both the middle of summer and the middle of winter.
But, I must say, I did go in there and look down...

Vulnepro said...

Storage huh? Wow, that's pretty crazy. It would be even crazier and ironic if they overfilled it with stuff and it went and collapsed, likely wouldn't but it was be darkly funny, so long as nobody got hurt.