Wednesday, July 06, 2005

July 4th, exploring the noir vibe of Detroit at night

To add to Jeff's post below I'll chime in with a slew of images from our evening July 4th shoot in the city. I've posted below some interesting shots from last night's batch of Mavica photos. The mission this time was simple, at least for my work on illustrating the look of the city for our 2042 setting, what I wanted was the color, atmosphere, and feel of the city at night. We even had the luck of some rain, light enough not to hamper the shoot, but dense enough to coat everything with a damp sheen that amplified the amber glow of the city lights. I think we got some of the atmosphere for sure but we'll be doing future shoots on evenings that are not holidays, the city was really dead on the 4th.

Detroit is like many cities, loaded with sodium vapor lighting and these lights cast the night in a lush amber glow, even more striking in rain. Now with the basic feel of lighting in mind I know what I want to do for the look of the city at night, it was pretty much what I expected to see (it's been some time since I've been in the city at night). It's not too far a look from some Theos Ke Polemos noir images (example image below) I've done in the past so it's a direction I was always interested in exploring visually.

Like all the shoots it was a lot of fun for everyone and we continue to look forward to future excursions. The fact is we're shooting loads of images that most may never be used for actual reference, but the more the better. We also look at it this way, its nice to have a documentation of the experience, good memories for all. It's been a great summer so far and now we're going to finally start rolling out the initial images for this project. Later this eve I plan to post some image art for this growing endeavor. Our apologies though for the sporadic updates, it's been very busy with various things brewing at Vulne Pro. Now we have things coming together and the updates should increase in frequency. I'm also quite happy my computer is running like a champ, my thanks to Mark Dudley, of Drunken Style Studio, for resurrecting it from those problems I was having with it through the latter half of May.

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