Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Industrial Wastelands

Tuesday (the 19th), we had another photo trip... this one starting at the old USPS depot near 1-96 and 1-75 (across from the train station), and continuing into South Detroit, River Rouge, and Ecorse... the industrial wasteland of the motor city.
First, I must clarify that I mean no disrespect in using the term "industrial wasteland"... it is a necessary evil of modern society, without which we wouldn't have the cool stuff we have. I also have a lot of respect for the workers in those factories, plants, and driving those trucks, who are a hard-working and integral part of the community. Rather, industrial wasteland is nothing more than an apt description. Some part of the trip could have taken place on Mars.
Mike's got the photos, and he will post them soon, so I'll just say that the crew this time consisted of beauty (Gina) and two beasts (Mike and me). The photos will speak for themselves. I've got to go cook dinner now. More to come soon...

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