Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Image art for the 2042 Detroit project

As promised, here's a peek at some art for this continuing project set in a future Detroit. Planned as a 26 episode animated TV series pitch this show will be the first part of an overall arc of connected stories about humanity throughout crucial points of history to come. This show s set in the same universe as Theos Ke Polemos only it takes place some thousands of years prior and unfolds in the early stages of a pivotal event that shapes the future that will become Theos Ke Polemos. It's about the human element, the ground level view of these major events from the perspective of everyday people and some extraordinary people as they navigate the fantastic times they are living in. There will be a great deal of art to come from this and Theos in the future as we toil away developing it all. For now here's a peek. Expect some news on developments with EBEJEEBIES very soon as well. Till next time folks.

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