Wednesday, July 13, 2005

City of Detroit, you can take a well deserved bow

Howdy folks. This weekend was a pretty big and special weekend for Detroit, as many know the All Star game was last night and the weekend's events leading up to it through the subsequent game were hugely successful for the city. Detroit, as we have discussed on the blog, is a city with a great deal of troubles but it's a city that's fighting, making an effort to improve and overcome it's problems. Having the All Star game and the Super Bowl are both important events that the city needs. An event like the All Star game carries a good deal of hype and if it fails to live up to that hype it would be perceived as a failure and this can obviously damage the image of a city struggling to break out of bad press. Well, Detroit pulled the event off in style and succeeded to show the nation it can be a vibrant city, it does have a lot to offer. All the press I've seen so far has been incredibly positive and that's encouraging to see.

Monday night, July 11th, Jeff, Gina, and I had our second photo scout of Detroit in the evening, I posted a few photos below, the city was alive, and utter contrast to the eerie ghost town sensation of the July 4th shoot. Unfortunately a good deal of the photos I took were just too hampered by the poor resolution and quality of the Mavica. I've had that camera for some time now and rarely used it for anything serious, it was always just something for fun quick little shots of little import. Now it's pretty much back-up coverage against Jeff's 35mm photos (I'll post some of those when they're developed) so I find myself actually using it for this project quite heavily and it's clearly not up to the task. Still, I did get some decent images and everyone just had a lot of fun that night, how couldn't we with that much excitement in the air. Indeed it was Detroit's time to shine this weekend.

We began this futuristic Detroit TV show project with the intent of showing a more positive take on Detroit in a creative work of fiction. Seems the city has been in transition during our developing this project, a transition we've seen unfolding before our eyes as we explore and shoot images of a city in change. To say this has been fascinating to witness is an understatement. I can't help but wonder if our timing has been, frankly, perfect to propose such a project. The success of an animated show set in Detroit would only help bring more attention on our interesting little city. This is an angle I can't help but see. Well it was a great weekend and a poductive night on Monday. Lot's of work to do, lots of work. Stay tuned more to come.

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