Friday, June 03, 2005

Were they abducted, WERE THEY?!!

Hello good infobahn surfing humans, were we abducted indeed?

Did the real EBEs get pissed at us and drag us off to beat us over the heads with some kind of probes cause we made fun of them?

Were we arrested by mammals with badges for various crimes against sensibility and etiquette?!

Did we paint Jeff's mini-van Black with a red stripe on the side thus christening our venture into the world of mercenaries. I'm not gettin' on no plane!


It's been some time, hmmm... A BLOOMIN MONTH to be exact, since the last update! Well, firstly we have been pretty busy on various things, studio related and otherwise and that has delayed some posting here but the primary problem was my good ole PC, oh plucky little PC I love you so as I pummel you insensate. Seriously though, my PC had been doing random shutdowns at increasing frequencies while we, myself and folks with far better computer tech savvy than I will EVER have, attempted to sort out the cause. Anything from the obvious, bad power supply, to chip battery dying, to a virus or trojan. Just when we thought we had solved what might be the problem, the obvious power supply, poof it shut off yet again and blew up my Windows 2000 op system... bugger all. This knocked me out for awhile until I could get a good friend, Mark Dudley of Drunken Style Studios, over to sort out what is causing this. After the sort-en-nin-ing was sorted it was the next best thing in obvious, the bloomin CPU fan bee all full-o-dust, DOH! More puter savvy folks out there are pointing and going, HA HA! I know, I know, I just draw with the things, I don't fix em, Mark on the other hand can so I thank him greatly as I'm up and running, quite smoothly here and things can get back on track. Computers, oui!

Well, what have we been up to? Quite a bit actually. There have been 3 more photo shoots in our fine city of Detroit (see spiffy pics below), all of which were a total blast due to the fact that everyone just had a lot of fun while we went about pointing at stuff like silly tourists snapping images away wildly... "Ohhh, lookie that! Ohh that's cool! Aw man what a sweet building! Lookie, a little tiny car-art-installation-thing. Ewww, this alley smells like..." And there was much rejoicing... yaaaaay! Really though, even with this technically being work, it was more fun than work, a little chaotic, utterly amusing, and just a great time was had. All three shoots were myself, Jeff, Gina, and Davecat (click the link for more info on the trip from Davecat's perspective. He also mentions theNicolet Townhouses which we also shot images of for location setting for his character Dorian in the show) and we hashed out a lot of good stuff as far as ideas for the project.

So far there hasn't been any art posted outside the initial rough concept piece of John King books, there is art on the way we assure you and we think it will be well worth the wait. Now that I can rest easy with a PC that won't shut off while in Photoshop I've been cranking away at getting some of this art going. We'll show some of it soon.

On the EBEJEEBIES front we're almost at the end of sorting out the paperwork and contracts for our new venture staring out little alien friends. So far this looks VERY promising and when we can pass along the scoop we will. For now I wanted to drop in and give you this update of the goings on so far. Till next time.

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Davecat said...

Hoorah for Functional Computers!
Yeah, the excursion was fun, as per usual. There's quite a lot of Detroit to cover, and we've only seen like about a tenth of it, really..