Friday, June 03, 2005

Ok this one I had to post (from our shoot we just had yesterday, June 2nd), just can't resist. There's an amusing story here beyond the obvious. To the left we see Jeff Lilly, our intrepid scribe of EBEJEEBIES and this new Detroit TV series project, to the right we see our good friends Gina Stevens and Davecat looking rather amused, photo by me also amused. Clearly we have a man caged here, thwarted from joining his commrades but beyond that we have some utterly assinine city planning at work for you see that sidewalk Jeff is on leads to A BLOOBY IRON FENCE! Huh? Yes folks, he's on the road to nowhere. Classic. Posted by Hello

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Hatrax said...

Jeff here...
I... am an ugly man.
You know, it's really my fault... whenever I see a camera, I have to make a stupid face. This would be fine if I was, like, five, but I'm in my thirties now and should know better.