Thursday, February 24, 2005

Welcome to the online news site for Vulne Pro, a small animation development studio with some good stuff baking in the oven.

Something a little different, RoToRs will now become the new source of updates and info for all things Vulne Pro and animation related. has been on the web for some time now and in it’s original iteration the site had a news/reviews section called RoToRs. It was something we wanted to continue but got lost in the revamp and personnel changes to site contributors. With some discussions about blogging with some friends, and my understanding of what blogs traditionally are, news sites, I thought this would be a great way to revive RoToRs and a far easier thing to manage overall. Slam Bam Hazoo (I have no idea what the hell that means) here we go and tonight it goes live with the first update.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our little studio on the wild and wacky infobahn. Those of you familiar with EBEJEEBIES are likely stopping on by from the website of our good friends at the ever growing phenomenon that is Coast to Coast AM. EBEJEEBIES started as just a fun thing to, "give it a go", and since has been pretty well received, and has been quite a lot of fun to do. Although we can't turn them out as fast as we'd like, ala a weekly deal (we have a lot of things going on here in the little studio) I assure you we will continue doing them. New full episodes are coming again very soon. Well tonight Coast to Coast has posted a one panel gag I did specifically for Richard Hoagland to coincide with his appearance tonight on the show. As always, my infinite thanks to Lex and the fine crew at Coast.

Also I want to post a peek at a new project (image below) cooking in our easybake oven, its’ working title is simply Cricket Song, a futuristic tale set in our hometown Detroit, Michigan circa 2042. It’s evolved into another full TV series proposal and has been cooking at a hurried pace. This project, EBEJEEBIES, and Theos Ke Polemos will be appearing more in the future on the site. For now, here’s one of the very first concepts, a rough and dirty CG piece, just something to lay down a feel for the project. Nothing here is set in stone except John King Books being featured as a location set.

Mike Majestic <<*>> aneamo

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