Friday, February 25, 2005


So where did EbeJeebies come from, anyway? Well, Mike and I have long taken an interest in the whole alien phenomena... whether we believe it or not, and to what extent is not the main thing here (though I can tell you, Mike and I have had a lot of long, rambling, sometimes heated discussions about it)... but we both agree that the thought of it is fascinating. What if we are, indeed, being studied? What if we are nothing more than antelope under a researcher's dart gun? Hmmm... Some people think long and deep on the implications of it all... we just went for the humor of the situation.
I met Mike in 1991, and even then he was drawing goofy little Grays. We put out a comic in 1994 that featured some of my characters, plus Mulder and Scully from the X-Files (at that time, still a small, fairly unkown show that we were certain would be cancelled)... plus several Grays, one of whom was named Zax. Other stories were planned, but never gotten around to... at this time, our friend Tim coined the title. Fast forward to early 2003. I was back from six years in Japan, and Mike was launching a new look for the old idea... after nine years of back-burnering, EbeJeebies was finally born.
By the way, I'd like to give a hearty thanks to all of you who checked out the site after the "19.5" post hit we've recorded over 5,700 hits in the past two days!
I'll be back with more on EbeJeebies and the other projects here at Vulne Pro. As always, comments and questions are more than welcome- just hit the comment button at the bottom of the entry.

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